The Case That Got Me Hooked on Restorative Justice

What started as a stressful night as a chaperone for a school trip emerged as the beginning of a great journey in discovering how discipline can actually be a positive experience for everyone involved. Can you imagine that?! I can, because I have now seen it repeatedly with my own eyes.

DRUMBEAT Program Provides a Safe Space for Rhythmic Reflection

Cindy Mathers found herself at a loss. Tasked with engaging a group of young teenage boys identified as at-risk of transitioning poorly to secondary school, the community health nurse, who works with aboriginal communities in West Gippsland, Australia, was worried that conventional talk-based techniques would fall short with the boisterous boys. DRUMBEAT, a group program that uses hand drumming to create a fun, safe space for social learning and self-reflection, provided her with a solution.

OP-ED: Illinois Needs Smaller Juvenile Prison Systems

Illinois received more evidence last week that incarcerating young people doesn’t rehabilitate them. Independent experts told a federal court that Illinois’ juvenile prison system operates an education program far below minimally accepted standards, does not meet the basic mental health needs of incarcerated youth and uses solitary confinement too often and for too long, with potentially damaging effects on youth who return to our communities. Gov. Pat Quinn has another view. “We’ve made very important strides in juvenile justice in Illinois,” he told reporters. Can they be talking about the same prison system?

Mrs. Carolyn’s Cottage

“These are my grandchildren,” said Carolyn McFall, 70, as she flips a spoonful of ground beef in a skillet. Tonight, she’s making her specialty, a dish she calls “hamburger pie.”