The Ish: Back to School

This is episode 1 of The Ish, a weekly video series examining youth culture and the issues impacting young people. Check in each Thursday for a new video, and don’t forget to head over to Facebook to enter our sweepstakes to win $100 and a JJIE VIP Swag Pack! The Ish is brought to you by the Resources for Parents section of Go enter our contest to win $100

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Grant Helps Provide Music Programs

The Fender Music Foundation offers grants to established and sustainable music programs to provide music for folks who would not otherwise have the opportunity to make music. This grant awards grants to in-school music classes and after-school programs that aren’t run by the school. Grants are awarded ranging in value from $500-$5,000. The grant is available from July 15,2011 through November 15, 2011.