friendship: Two teen girls, hands on chins, elbows on knees, stare at each other.

Some Friends Circle Back to You, Despite Everything

A friend is a foundation, a mainstay, a confidante. They are the mail and armor you don before charging valiantly into battle on your steed. Your favorite blanket enveloping you, insulating you from the cold. Friends are the incomparable beauty of all four seasons.

InsideOUT Writers: Close-up top view of young people putting their hands together, friends with stack of hands showing unity and teamwork.

InsideOUT Writers: Community, Compassion, Multitudes

The Youth Today/InsideOUT Writers series these past two years has been a critical reflection on the impact of the American justice system on our youth, how these youth learn to navigate through that system and the ways in which many of these youth nevertheless find ways to humanize themselves into healthy young adults.