gun violence: Gun store with 2 people at counter standing next to each other and sign saying keep 6 foot distances from others.

People Stocking Up On Guns Though Safety Classes Unavailable

Across the nation as confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to rise, people are stocking up on more than groceries and toilet paper. Americans are buying firearms and ammunition during a global pandemic — and doing so in record numbers. But the spike in sales might be temporary.

communities of color: 3 young african-american women around table discussing something important.

Communities of Color Must Be Centered in Gun Violence Prevention Movement

Communities of color continue to be disproportionately impacted by gun violence across the United States. Unfortunately, communities that are most impacted by gun violence are often plagued by structural inequities that perpetuate this violence. That is why when we look to address gun violence, we must have a holistic conversation to ensure that those most impacted are being centered in this conversation and moved from the margins.

threat assessment: Thoughtful black student holding snack outdoors

The Risks of Threat Assessment to Students Are Dire

In the wake of highly publicized and tragic mass shootings at schools, jurisdictions across the country have responded with a flood of expanded school security policies. While much of this policymaking has echoed previous measures, like school hardening, surveillance and policing, some policymakers have focused on preventing targeted violence (where an attacker selects a particular target in advance) by identifying potentially violent actors and intervening to stop them before a violent act occurs. They label this threat assessment. 

Chicago: silhouette of two friends sitting on the roof at sunset

Effects of Gun Violence Can Be Reduced in Youth, Chicago Program Shows

Concentrated gun violence results in lost population and economic power, increases trauma throughout communities and depresses school outcomes among students exposed to violence. Interventions deliberately designed to empower youth who are frequently exposed to community trauma are an important tool to break the cycle of violence that repeats far too frequently. 

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Gun Violence Work Could Use Billions of Dollars in Victim Assistance Funds

Gun violence in the United States has rapidly become a problem that has touched the lives of millions of people. Whether directly or indirectly, research shows that over 1.2 million people have been shot in the past decade, millions have witnessed gun violence firsthand and hundreds of millions of people will know at least one victim of gun violence in their lifetime.