Our Coverage of National Debate Over Undocumented Youth, DACA

Both Youth Today and the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange have been covering the changing fate of Dreamers since before the Dreamer program began.

Here is a solid sampling of what we’ve written, photographed and captured on video.

The Educational Cost of Illegal and Undocumented Students.

The State Board of Education will be required to show the amount of money it spends to educate illegal and undocumented students each year if HB 296 passes. Required information would include, teacher student ratio, the number of students who are illegal or undocumented in each school district and expenditure per-illegal or undocumented student per year. The cost will then be factored into the state budget before it’s presented to the State House and Senate appropriations committees. The same requirements would also extend to hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities. Legal analysts point out that the constitutionality of the bill may be called in question due to a Supreme Court Ruling in 1982.