One thought on “State Failed to Investigate Complaints in Juvenile Court Kickback Scandal

  1. A state conduct board has conceded that it never investigated any of the complaints made against a disgraced former Luzerne County Court judge accused of taking kickbacks to place juveniles in for-profit detention centers. The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board said it received four complaints about former Luzerne County Judge Michael T. Conahan vetween 2004 and 2008, but failed to review any documents related to the complaints, according to the AP.

    Funny how I was just relaying a message to a Judge this morning regarding this same issue that is right here in black and white. Ok well we obviously know someone is not doing their job, now how do you suppose those responsible for not investigating the complaints, and allowing those kids to suffer emotiionally & mentally? even to the point 1 child took his own life. A horrific event that could have very easily been prevented had those in Luzurne and lackawanna county had only done their job. It is a very very sad day in America when we sit back and watch and allow this kind of stuff to happen to our kids, WTH is wrong with our America?