Juvenile Justice Week in Review: Celebrating Peace in a Community Touched By Gun Violence

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Jahmel Leath, 13, wears the T-shirt of his murdered cousin, Stack Bundles at the "Children's Day of Peace" event at Redfern Houses in Far Rockaway.

Laura Bult / JJIE

Jahmel Leath, 13, wears the T-shirt of his murdered cousin, Stack Bundles at the “Children’s Day of Peacet” event at Redfern Houses in Far Rockaway.

Taylonn Murphy, Penny Wrencher, Shenee Johnson and Vernell Britt have all lost children to gun violence. Last Saturday, they came together at the “Children’s Day of Peace” event at Redfern Houses in Far Rockaway to discuss gun violence prevention and celebrate the youth in their community…

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Trains, Amputations and the Roots of Why Kids Are On the Run
In Central America, organized crime is gaining strength and creating violence that is pushing youth to attempt dangerous journeys to the U.S.
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Federal Complaint Challenges Texas Town’s Ban on Housing Border Kids
The ban prohibits providing housing to “refugees” such as the Central American children turning themselves in at the border.
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Music Program Helps Homeless, Runaway Youth Follow their Dreams
Valley Youth House provides shelter for homeless kids in eastern Pennsylvania and has a crew of rotating artist’s in residence.

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The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform just expanded their Crossover Youth Practice Model to counties in Arizona, Florida, Oregon, and more

OP-ED: Popularity of Restorative Justice Has Its Pitfalls
Traditional systems by their nature represent the interests of the majority, and groups that have less power have trouble being heard by their governments and fellow citizens.

Amid Wave Of Child Immigrants, Reports Of Abuse By Border Patrol
Frigid holding rooms. Sleep deprivation. Denial of medical care. Some immigrant children crossing the border say they’re subjected to abusive treatment by U.S. Border Patrol. NPR reports.

Class-action Suit: Kids in Immigration Court with No Lawyers to Help
A coalition of civil rights groups filed a nationwide class-action suit last week alleging that putting children into immigration court without counsel violates both constitutional due-process rights and immigration law.

OP-ED: Cops and Community, How to Repair a Broken Relationship
It is difficult to repair a broken relationship, one built on years of distrust. It is especially tough if you are the parent of a child forever getting caught up in the juvenile justice system.

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