Slideshow: Scenes from Ferguson, Missouri

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Shooting of Michael Brown

Robert Stolarik

Police arrested a small number of people as demonstrators and police clashed along West Florissant Avenue Saturday night into early Sunday morning as protests continue after the shooting death of an unarmed teen by police on August 9, 2014.

JJIE photographer Robert Stolarik spent four days in Ferguson, Mo., documenting the city’s anguish, anger, suffering and appeals to justice over the death of teenager Michael Brown.

There are roses slowly wilting on the streets, the black man with a target on his chest being arrested, signs asking who will be next and a tiny girl fitting on a mask emulating the young men who were taking to the streets and preparing for the tear gas the police always had at the ready.  In time, the street protests will end, the media teams will leave, but images like Stolarik’s will remain with us long after. Ultimately the question is: Will justice be done?

Will the day come when children no longer need to put on masks and black men will no longer be targets? Of course, these are not just questions for the residents of Ferguson, they are questions all of us must help answer sooner rather than later.

Photography by Robert Stolarik.

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