2 thoughts on “Fusion to Air New Documentary: ‘Prison Kids, A Crime Against America’s Children’

  1. Please contact me , I will be in contact with you asap, as I am presently fighting for my son who is approaching his 56th birthday,
    I live in the 3rd most racist city in the United States, Buffalo New York.
    My son’s life tells the Whole Truth about this Corrupt Injustice, and the trauma it has subjected Families and Communities too for Centuries
    He is presently in The notaries Clinton Correction Facility, where he was sent after he was brutally Beaten in Attica Correctional/Prison by an Officer in October of 2013.
    Two years ago. They transferred him way up to Dannemora they are trying to Destroy us because they know I have enough information bring forth some damaging information against the Courts, and the entire New York Correctional System .
    Please help me . My Son is Gavin L. Kirkland 04 B 0841 @ Clinton Correctional Facility Dannemora New York 12929

    I will remain /be in touch
    Thank You, Be Blessed
    Barbara Kirkland Dennis
    227 Camden Ave. #A
    Buffalo New York 14216
    He has a mental Health Record that they have ignored since I first time I sought help for him at the age of 15,before he was ever arrested and to date he has never had a Victim crime and never a Weapon and never a Drug sale.
    All of his recidivism was base on parole and never addressing his mental conditions except, pumping him up with psychotropic meds to profit prisons and the medical field