plea bargaining: Female attorney addressing an African American judge in court

The Contrariness of Plea Bargaining in Juvenile Courts

Some things I just don’t get.

I get it that the fastest runner doesn’t always win the race and the strongest doesn’t always win the battle. I get it that chance can decide outcomes. And when chance is the deciding factor, it seems unfair to the fastest and the strongest, but welcome to the underdog.

Tear Down the Juvenile Jails; They Make Bad Situations Worse

Out of destruction can come rebirth.

Like the phoenix, a mystical bird of Greek mythology that rises from the ashes of its predecessor, we are experiencing today a rebirth of a once promising trend in juvenile justice I refer to as deconstruction, which goes well beyond what we commonly call deinstitutionalization.

Bottom Line: Treating Kids Like Kids in Justice System Works Better

What does it mean to be “tough on crime”?

As we moved away from the “crimequake” of the ’90s and watched the juvenile crime rate fall, the fear that once pushed us off the slippery slope and into a lock ’em up frenzy was replaced by evidence-informed policymaking that emphasizes community-based solutions.